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School & Sports Physicals

Before you send your child back to school or into a sporting activity or camp, in many cases you will need a school and sports physical. At CIMA Medical Center, we offer physicals for

  • School physicals - most schools require that students undergo a physical before enrolling for the first time in a Florida school
  • Sports physicals - most schools and sports activities require that participants undergo a physical exam
  • Camp physicals - most camps require that children undergo a physical for liability reasons and to ensure that the child is physically ready and doesn’t have conditions that would put other children at risk.

Children grow quickly and much can happen within a year. Over and above their requirements for school, sports or camps, a physical exam enables you to monitor your child’s growth, development and health as well as safeguarding against possible health problems.

School Physicals

Students in the state of Florida in grades kindergarten through 12th grade must present a physical that has been completed within the last 12 months if they are entering a Florida school for the first time. Although a specific form is not required, the standardized School Entry Exam (form DH 3040) is recommended.

At CIMA Medical Center, our Miami school physical will include

  • A review of your child’s medical history
  • A comprehensive exam with height and weight checks, blood pressure check and other assessments to ensure that your child is hitting the right milestones developmentally
  • Discussions of lifestyle choices, if necessary, to ensure a healthy year going forward

Our school physicals will be completed by one of our board-certified physicians licensed to perform physical exams.  At CIMA Medical Center, our Miami school and sports physicals staff will have your children ready for the new school year. We offer the Florida school entry forms as well as any immunization records you require.

Sports Physicals

If your child plans on participating in school sports, you will also need to submit a physical exam. A sports physical is specifically targeted to the physical requirements needed to play that sport and ensures that your child is in good physical shape to participate. A sports physical will also check on vision and may also offer a fitness assessment. We suggest having a sports physical annually if your child is involved in sports on an ongoing basis.

At CIMA Medical Center, our Miami sports physicals physicians will determine if your child is healthy enough to participate in sports and can train and compete safely. We will also look for any previous injuries or any potential issues so you can understand the potential impact on performance and also so action can be taken to avoid any future problems or limitations.

Your Child is Our Priority

At CIMA Medical Center, your child’s health is our priority. Our Miami school and sports physicals staff are here to ensure that your child’s health and wellbeing is protected and that your child is ready for school or to take part in the sports activity of their choice.

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